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Image Matters Transformations– Part 1


Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

Have you worked with Christine Sherlock yet?

Christine’s consulting brand—Image Matters—does nothing short of transforming the lives of women in Southwest Florida!


Read on to hear all about it and be sure to see our special savings offers at the bottom.


In the past two months, I’ve seen two amazing transformations with my own eyes! Lemme tell you about them.

First, meet Inke.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

Inke came into my studio for her Before picture and shyly opened up, sharing all sorts of worries and insecurities. She announced straight off the bat how she knew she had weight to lose. She’d just come back from her visit home to Germany and had feasted and indulged. Well of course! That’s what vacation is for! She also fretted about a blemish on her face. And most disconcerting was some personal heartache that she’d just endured and overcome.

Thanks to a nomination by her dear friend and a generous offer from Christine Sherlock, Inke was about to go on a journey to discover a whole new side of herself.


Together, Christine and Inke enjoyed all of the services Image Matters has to offer. Inke learned to ditch the black stripes and found the colors and patterns that look amazing on her! She discovered the textures and materials that would complement her features. Christine also helped Inke identify her true personal style. Inke confessed to me later that she was surprised to learn that “romantic style” was a side of herself she’d been neglecting and was now ready to embrace. Inke also had a wardrobe review in her home and went on a shopping trip to find brand new looks, colors, and clothes to suit her perfectly.

To top it off, Inke was treated to a hair makeover with Christine’s guidance, courtesy of Trini Salon in Fort Myers.

And of course, once you look and feel so great, what better way to celebrate than with a photo shoot to capture the New You!


Check out the amazing results!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

When Inke came to our studio for the second time, for her After picture, the results spoke volumes!

What I noticed first was the way Inke glowed!


She seemed to float into the room. Her head was held high, her body language was confident. Her smile just drew me in. I gave her a big hug and asked her all about how she felt with her new looks.

Even the way she talked was different. She was bubbling with excitement. No more focusing on weight and skin worries. She was a woman changed. She told me how everyone she knew had noticed the difference. Co-workers asked if she got new glasses. Friends asked if she was in love. Everyone wanted to know her secret and what was making her smile so much!

Sometimes we change from the inside out and sometimes we need to change from the outside in.


It was high time that someone gave Inke the chance to shine! And that person was Inke! She just had to give herself permission to spend some energy on the person looking back at her in the mirror.

I’m sure that Christine Sherlock and Trini Salon found this process every bit as rewarding as I did! I’m so happy to have met Inke and to have seen her discover how beautiful she is!

If you’ve been lucky enough to work with Christine, you know that she delivers so much more than an understanding of colors and makeup and style. She delivers a shift in perspective and a changed heart!


I want you, my Megan DiPiero Photography clients, fans and friends, to consider what Christine Sherlock and Image Matters can do for you. That’s why Christine and I are sharing the love and inviting you to discover new services to bring out your undiscovered beauty and remind you of how special you are.


Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

Book by April 10 and receive a Color Identity Consultation for $199- regularly priced at $250.

Color Identity is done in two sessions – each meeting with Christine is about 90 minutes.  In the first session, you will experience an analysis of hair color, skin tone and eye color and a draping to determine your seasonal palette as well as your unique dominant characteristic.  A makeup application lesson is also included in the first session.  Your second session is a “Personalization of your Palette.”  Christine will drape all the colors of your palette on you so you can see first hand how to wear and combine these colors.  Christine will show you which colors are your “star” colors and how to use color in a way that is appropriate to your lifestyle.  You will also receive advice on hair color, color of jewelry and other accessories, and a discussion of how to use fabrics, prints and textures. Your personal “Color Portfolio” is included.  This is your shopping tool, providing you a savings of time and money when used to build a working, usable wardrobe.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

Contact Christine Sherlock at Image Matters to redeem your special savings and schedule your Color Identity Consultation. 239-454-0044. Must book by April 10.


Members of Christine’s Image Matters mailing list are also entitled to a special savings with me– $100 off your next Beauty portrait session. I hope you’ll take Christine up on this great offer and then come and see me and tell me all about it!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Image Matters Transformations, Part 1}

Contact Megan DiPiero at Megan DiPiero Photography to redeem your special savings and schedule your future Beauty Portrait session. 239-898-4112. Must book by April 10.


Coming soon… MY transformation story with Image Matters. Stay tuned!

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Rockstar Headshots

Everyone calls this girl a rockstar.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}

Erica definitely inspires, uplifts, and knows how to make a day awesome! So yeah… I have to agree… this girl rocks!

I got to spend almost an ENTIRE day shooting with Erica… PLUS visit her and her amazing wardrobe during our Style Consultation… AND meet her wonderfully supportive husband during their in-home Image Premiere. And in all that time there was never a dull moment!

The coolest thing about Erica is that she’s open to new adventures! Her latest adventure? Becoming an entrepreneur and launching her new coaching business—Erica Castner, The Queen of Results.

I gotta tell ya, this girl walks the talk! I’m always curious to learn about business owners during their headshot sessions, but Erica was equally curious to learn about ME. She’s an awesome listener!

She asked lots of questions. We got friendly. We got real. We talked biz owner to biz owner and discovered the things that fire us up.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}

Erica is a visionary. She’s super passionate about goal setting.

When you walk into Erica’s home, you’ll see right away that she and her husband have a large board listing all their plans for the future and the now. Love that!

Perhaps after noticing her love of goal setting, you’ll notice Erica’s love of fashion! Nobody knows how to dress up an outfit like Erica! I love how she pairs funky scarves and sassy accessories to make a style all her own. We had so much fun playing up her expressions and poses. She’s got real personality!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}

Being the rockstar consultant that she is and me being the rockstar photographer that I am (haha!), we wanted to push the limits of conventional business portraits.

If you’re a fashion-loving, creative, independent gal like Erica, why not show off your sassy side with fashion poses?

The only rule that we followed during Erica’s headshot session was “No stuffy portraits.” Everything else was fair game.

Sometimes you gotta release your inner model! In fact, while we darted around between the Fort Myers studio and our Naples on-the-town shooting adventures, more than one person mistook Erica for a model! You go, girl!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Rockstar Headshots}

Erica, I’m so excited to see what the future of your new business holds! I think you’ve got the skills, personality, and drive to passionately pursue whatever your heart desires. Hope these images take you far and help you show the world what you’re all about! Best of luck!


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Love Story

Don’t you just love meeting a GREAT couple and discovering the story of how they met?

I sure do!

I love the way a smirk creeps onto his lips as he recalls the moment he first fell for her. I love how her eyes light up as she gushes over all his adorable traits. I love the flirty looks exchanged as they decide exactly which secret parts of their love story should be omitted and which parts they simply CAN’T contain!

These heartwarming stories make me feel alive! And they remind me of everything I adore about the love of my life!

When a couple shares their special story, I feel happy, hopeful and blessed.


If you get a kick out of love stories too, you’re going to really enjoy Ashley and Jerred’s. Before you read another word, take a listen and find out how this couple’s love story began.

Press play… Enjoy!

Are they perfect for each other or what?

I’m glad I met Ashley and Jerred at such a special time in their lives. Jerred had just proposed to Ashley and they were expecting a wonderful surprise. (You DID watch the video, right?)

Adventurous and in love, these two made the perfect subjects for a fashion inspired couples shoot and storytelling video session.


Our day started with video interview.

It was so touching to learn how much family meant to this young couple. Ashley got real and raw and was moved to tears when she revealed just how much she looks up to Jerred for his strength and support.

How wonderful that this reflective moment is now recorded forever in video AND in this beautifully connected portrait!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Remember when you first discovered the love of your life and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? That kind of connection comes in super handy during a photo session!


Okay now kiss.

Okay now laugh.

Okay now smirk.

Okay now closer… closer… Perfect!

These two could nail any expression, at any time. All I needed to do was create flattering lighting, direct the poses and moments, and Ashley and Jerred took it from there.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Wanna look like a fashion model? You’ve got to OWN the camera! A little smizing… a little squinching… and you’ve got it made. (Psst: Ask me about those terms when you schedule your next Beauty session.)

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

For a change of pace, our awesome makeup artist (Brittany at Tickled pink Artistry), decided we should try some red lips on Ashley. Time to take things up a notch!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

So let’s see, we rocked a classic Gap fashion look… We created a gorgeous couples boudoir image… We nailed the heartfelt, emotional portrait. Surely there’s still more fun to be had!


I always make sure that every Beauty portrait session includes plenty of time to just photograph the stunning woman in front of my lens. The guys don’t mind stepping out for a while and then jumping back in when we need them as arm candy.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Ashley and I tried out some wind-in-the-hair shots and dramatic lighting for a sultry boudoir look. Next she showed me the incredible buttery satin dress she brought. Remember this number from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? I think with portraits this incredible, Ashley stands no chance of losing Jerred… like ever!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Ashley and Jerred, thank you so much for being so open with me. I can’t help but watch your video, and think this couple should be together for always! I can’t help but gaze at the love and connection in your portraits and think this couple can get through anything! I can’t help but see your smiles, your sense of fun, your beautiful embraces, and know that you two were made to be together!

Best wishes for many years of love and adventure ahead!


Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Hello, reader! Still here?

You’re probably curious about doing your own Beauty session, huh?

Whether you’ve been together for 2 years or 22 years, a couples portrait session is the perfect way to celebrate your love!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your timing could not be more perfect! Hit us up at our contact form. We’d love to talk more and make this an unforgettable day for you and your love!



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