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Love Story

Don’t you just love meeting a GREAT couple and discovering the story of how they met?

I sure do!

I love the way a smirk creeps onto his lips as he recalls the moment he first fell for her. I love how her eyes light up as she gushes over all his adorable traits. I love the flirty looks exchanged as they decide exactly which secret parts of their love story should be omitted and which parts they simply CAN’T contain!

These heartwarming stories make me feel alive! And they remind me of everything I adore about the love of my life!

When a couple shares their special story, I feel happy, hopeful and blessed.


If you get a kick out of love stories too, you’re going to really enjoy Ashley and Jerred’s. Before you read another word, take a listen and find out how this couple’s love story began.

Press play… Enjoy!

Are they perfect for each other or what?

I’m glad I met Ashley and Jerred at such a special time in their lives. Jerred had just proposed to Ashley and they were expecting a wonderful surprise. (You DID watch the video, right?)

Adventurous and in love, these two made the perfect subjects for a fashion inspired couples shoot and storytelling video session.


Our day started with video interview.

It was so touching to learn how much family meant to this young couple. Ashley got real and raw and was moved to tears when she revealed just how much she looks up to Jerred for his strength and support.

How wonderful that this reflective moment is now recorded forever in video AND in this beautifully connected portrait!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Remember when you first discovered the love of your life and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? That kind of connection comes in super handy during a photo session!


Okay now kiss.

Okay now laugh.

Okay now smirk.

Okay now closer… closer… Perfect!

These two could nail any expression, at any time. All I needed to do was create flattering lighting, direct the poses and moments, and Ashley and Jerred took it from there.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Wanna look like a fashion model? You’ve got to OWN the camera! A little smizing… a little squinching… and you’ve got it made. (Psst: Ask me about those terms when you schedule your next Beauty session.)

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

For a change of pace, our awesome makeup artist (Brittany at Tickled pink Artistry), decided we should try some red lips on Ashley. Time to take things up a notch!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

So let’s see, we rocked a classic Gap fashion look… We created a gorgeous couples boudoir image… We nailed the heartfelt, emotional portrait. Surely there’s still more fun to be had!


I always make sure that every Beauty portrait session includes plenty of time to just photograph the stunning woman in front of my lens. The guys don’t mind stepping out for a while and then jumping back in when we need them as arm candy.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Ashley and I tried out some wind-in-the-hair shots and dramatic lighting for a sultry boudoir look. Next she showed me the incredible buttery satin dress she brought. Remember this number from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? I think with portraits this incredible, Ashley stands no chance of losing Jerred… like ever!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}   Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Ashley and Jerred, thank you so much for being so open with me. I can’t help but watch your video, and think this couple should be together for always! I can’t help but gaze at the love and connection in your portraits and think this couple can get through anything! I can’t help but see your smiles, your sense of fun, your beautiful embraces, and know that you two were made to be together!

Best wishes for many years of love and adventure ahead!


Megan DiPiero Photography {Love Story}

Hello, reader! Still here?

You’re probably curious about doing your own Beauty session, huh?

Whether you’ve been together for 2 years or 22 years, a couples portrait session is the perfect way to celebrate your love!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your timing could not be more perfect! Hit us up at our contact form. We’d love to talk more and make this an unforgettable day for you and your love!



Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest

One of the occupational hazards of being a Beauty Portrait photographer is that I’m constantly fixated on eyes and expressions. So intrigued am I by people’s eyes (women especially), that when talking to someone I’ll find I can’t stop myself from getting sucked right in.

I’ll daydream about how a woman would look with a certain lighting pattern, or color palette, or an extra flick of mascara. I’ll wonder what she would look like with her chin forward and down accentuating her big, bexautiful eyes or how she would photograph with a “smize.” Before you know it, the conversation train has left the building and I’m left lost in her eyes.

If you ask me, I’d say a woman’s eyes are her very BEST feature! And I just ADORE how Beauty portraits put the focus front and center on her gaze.

Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}

I’m fortunate to have photographed so many beautiful women with SUCH gorgeous eyes! Because I just can’t get enough, I decided to launch a contest to find all the blue, green, and brown-eyed beauties in Southwest Florida.


We asked our Facebook fans: Has anyone ever told you ‘You have beautiful eyes’?


Moms, sisters, friends, and spouses posted their selfies and snapshots to show off some of the most beautiful eyes we’ve ever seen!

I loved hearing moms coo over the beauty of their adorable baby’s eyes. I loved seeing sisters compliment each other and talk about how they got their beauty from mom. I loved hearing about the girl who got voted Best Eyes in High School.

Wanna see those beauties? Here you go!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}

Over 100 people entered for the chance to win a complimentary Beauty portrait session. In the end, we just couldn’t bear to only select ONE winner so we opted to create THREE winning sessions PLUS a special thank-you gift to ALL our contest participants.

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and comments!


Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}

Winner #1) Michaela. I always wanted to photograph someone who looks like Snow White. Michaela’s dark hair, light eyes and beautiful complexion really drew me in. I love how she took this shot with a fabulous blue top that highlighted her gorgeous eye color. Can’t wait to create a beautiful session with you, Michaela!



Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}

Winner #2) Liset. I kinda freak when it comes to insects so at first when I saw Liset’s picture I backed away from my screen in horror and then I laughed. I had to know more. Liset told me “my amazing boyfriend was playing a funny joke on me and placed this yucky roach in my purse just to scare me. So I took a selfie with my new plastic friend.” How can I resist someone with eyes this beautiful AND an awesome personality to match! Good times ahead, Liset! Leave your roach at home! LOL


Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}








Winners #3-4) TIE! Christin and Erin. How are two friends both blessed with incredible ocean blue eyes? Christin was one of the first to enter the contest and then she nominated her friend Erin. I just loved seeing people share the love during this contest by tagging friends. You two girls are in for a fun day here at the studio with your shared session. Hope to bring out your inner super models with hair and makeup artistry and a glamour session for two!



If I could photograph every woman in Fort Myers, Naples, (and every city in between), I would be one very happy photographer! And if I could photograph clients with eyes as gorgeous as all of you who entered this contest, I’d be in absolute heaven!

Megan DiPiero Photography {Gorgeous Eyes Beauty Portrait Contest}

As a thank you gift for entering the contest, I’d like to give you the chance to come in for a Beauty portrait session at a sweet value– $100 off your session fee!

Moms, sisters, friends, couples, babies… you’re all welcome

Just give me a call THIS WEEK and we’ll book you a session in January or February. 239-898-4112.
Thanks for making this such a tough contest to judge, guys! I had a lot of fun!


I hope you’ll continue to get tons and tons of compliments on your incredible eyes! And I hope you’ll always look and feel as beautiful as you are!


Thanks for playing!

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Our last headshot mini marathon for 2014 is on!


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Whether you’re a business professional, actor or model, we’ve got the modern look that will serve you best!


Our talented makeup artist, Brittany Cantrell, will spend an hour treating you to a gorgeous look that’s perfect for the camera. Award-winning portrait photographer, Megan DiPiero, carefully directs each pose and expression to give you the most natural, approachable portraits. Combine that with our super-flattering, natural-light setup and you’ve got an irresistible new headshot!

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Clients love that they get to choose their images on the spot at the end of their session. Those same images arrive, fully-retouched to your inbox the very next day.

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Megan DiPiero Photography {Experience signature MDP headshots at a sweet discount!}

Lauren (actor headshots): “Thank you so much for the magical transformation! My son just saw it and said “Mom, you look so pretty!” Now that made my day!”


Megan DiPiero Photography {Experience signature MDP headshots at a sweet discount!}

Jacqueling (Realtor headshots): “Thank you so much for everything you have done. I’m heading back with photos I only dreamed of having for my website re-design. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a fantastic photographer.”


Megan DiPiero Photography {Experience signature MDP headshots at a sweet discount!}

Tamara (photographer headshots): “It was such an awesome experience. Megan, thank you for seeing me the way you did!”


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